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Elevator cowboy boots + 8 cm/ 3.15 inch more height

Elevating cowboy boots from Betelli are not standard cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots from Betelli are footwear that additionally has a built-in increasing wedge made of natural cork, thanks to which the increase hidden inside the shoe increases the height by as much as 8 cm.
The raising element made of natural cork makes the increase very durable and does not sit down as in the case of wedges made of textile materials.

This solution also allows the legs to "breathe" and not get tired.

New models of high cowboy boots, which we are introducing for sale, are based on a dedicated, specially profiled last, prepared by the best specialists in the footwear market in Poland.

It's true that testing and tweaking have dragged on since last fall, but we're finally ready with the final product.

It is a product that is second to none in terms of build quality as well as design adjustments to enhance the boots.

Elevator cowboy boots add as much as 8 cm of height while maintaining the proportion of the angle of the foot, thanks to which the comfort of use is very high.

The shoes are made of the highest quality natural leather and look great.Crazy Horse leather used in brown Apulia and black Bolzano models is the quintessence of this type of shoes and gives them a casual character, and the Treviso model in black grained leather can complement more elegant stylizations.

Successfully offered models can also be an alternative to Chelsea boots.

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Elevator shoes for men. Take care of the health of your spine

More and more men appreciate the numerous benefits of using height increasing shoes.

After all, it's not just about a few extra centimeters of height, the topic is much more complex.

An important factor determining the choice of this type of footwear for everyday use is the health-promoting element. The design of the footwear forces the natural straightening of the figure, which has a positive effect on reducing the load on the spine. In addition, we get a perfect appearance, which is important in a natural, not forced way.

Hence the growing popularity of height increasing shoes even among people of medium and taller height up to 190 cm, and the slogan of shoes for short men is not so clear. The men's pin does its job. The built-in wedge is hidden inside the shoe and invisible from the outside, which is part of the canon of classic masculine elegance.

At the same time, we get the effect of a slim silhouette, which until now was reserved only for women.

Doesn't a woman in high heels look attractive?

The Betelli company, as the only company on the market, offers a raising system based on natural cork, not a textile insert, thanks to which the legs breathe and do not get tired, and the comfort of use is very high.

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Formal height-increasing shoes. Luxury at an affordable price.

Betelli elevator shoes made of the highest quality natural leather, with attention to detail for many years, have been a unique proposition on the market, offering the highest quality at a moderate price. A properly designed structure and a platform built inside the shoe is made of natural lightweight cork. The whole ensures high comfort of use.

We often meet with the delight of customers. The highest quality of workmanship at an attractive price is an element of surprise for those who came across our company for the first time.

Switzerland is definitely associated with good watches, Poland and Italy with good shoes. We manufacture them in Poland using Italian components and must be precise like a Swiss watch.

Betelli elevator shoes add height, self-confidence, good luck in business and private life.

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Are elevator shoes worn every day?

The market of elevator shoes arose mainly from the need dedicated to special occasions, such as weddings, studios, baptisms, business meetings, where a few extra centimeters add self-confidence, while improving the appearance.

Even 10 years ago, the supply available on the market was very limited. Unfortunately, the shoes were quite ugly, the color offer was mostly limited to black and brown models, and the comfort and quality of their workmanship left a lot to be desired.

It was believed then that, as in the case of high heels for women, useful comfort should be limited. After all, magic shoes that add centimeters need to be worn differently and get used to some inconveniences.

Today, however, the situation is completely different. The market for elevator shoes for men has grown significantly. The process of many years of improvements and the growing market offer had a positive impact on the development of this market niche. The awareness of the availability of such a product in the group of consumers has also significantly expanded.

Today, elevator shoes are an alternative to shoes without a built-in insole, which increase the comfort of wearing. In addition to the growing offer of formal and wedding shoes, elevator shoes for everyday use are gaining huge popularity.

The so-called Smart Casual (simple elegance), where loafers, cowboy boots, Chelsea boots or ankle-high sneakers in bolder colors, often nubuck, are worn with jeans. In recent years, the increase in popularity of sports footwear has also caused a sensation, and its market offer is constantly expanding.

Therefore, when answering the question in the title: If you wear elevator shoes on a daily basis, it is worth paying attention to new trends and consumption habits. They clearly show the dynamic development of this footwear niche and a clear increase in interest in elevator shoes.

Nowadays, elevator shoes are worn on a daily basis, and many people give up shoes almost completely without increasing their height. In addition to the image values, shoe enlargement has one more great advantage that is appreciated by its supporters. The silhouette automatically straightens, which has a positive effect on the health of the spine.

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