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The small groom and you on the heels - can do it!

The small groom and you on the heels - can do it!
The young Mr. Young and you on the spiky - can do it!

Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in life. Careful preparations find their mouth in a perfectly designed day. Dress, this unique, unique creation. Jewelery shines with a bright glow. And shoes - yes, in the end you can afford to buy expensive pins for one occasion.

The low bride will be ravaged when she can put on her unbelievably tall boots. Filigree posture will be elevated, silhouette slender, in a word - the quintessence of femininity.

What if our groom is a low man? Will the person of his heart have to wear a flat heel on such a special day? None of the women can imagine it, right?

Beautiful sexes wear high boots for a number of reasons. Heels make them feel more feminine, giving them confidence. For many of them it is also an essential slimming supplement. Heels force the straightening of the back even when in a sitting position, making the gestures more specific and thoughtful. Women on heels pay attention to how they walk, how they appear, how they look. First of all - they like men more.

Why not use these women-tested methods to slightly "raise" the man?

Men's high heels wear ridiculous. Therefore, instead of women's pins, men are offered specially designed high heels. Shoes have been thought through in the smallest details, so as not to subdue the masculinity, or rather to add it. Shoes that add centimeters are no different from the models chosen by men every day. They are produced with attention to detail, in various styles, sports and visiting.

High heels for women, and men's high heel shoes are an indispensable addition during the first wedding dance. Well profiled footwear ensures correct foot alignment during stepping. The calf is working at its highest speed, you can even say that higher shoes have a part in creating the desired shape. Following professional dancers who even pick up slightly raised shoes for men, we lengthen our legs and make the first dance unique.

With a tall man every bride will feel good and present in the wedding photos. Specialist shoes will add confidence, and it's just a moment from the beautifully slim silhouette.

Not only will the wedding be an opportunity to set up such a shoe. Any situation requiring a costume or even a daily exit to the office will prove to be the perfect time to pick up your shoe. Just as a woman can not do without her favorite pins, so the costume of a man will have to include shoes that add inches.   See recommended wedding and wedding models.