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Cookies are short information which different websites save on your hard drive in the form of text files in order to check how popular is the website. We identify you in order to learn what information do you need and what are you looking for on our site. We want to know which categories do you visit often that the others so that we can create even more interesting and better website than before.
It is you who gives us the knowledge about which direction we should develop, what are your expectations, what is missing and in your opinion should be included on a site. What is more, cookies are used by the website to maintain the user's session (after logging in) through which the user does not have to retype login and password on every website subpage;  to create statistics that help to understand how users use the websites, which allows improving their structures and contents.

TBy using a specific website it is you who decide about its future shape and development. Cookies cause no harm to your computer system and the files saved there, and have no deliberate effect on its efficiency or how they function. The identification takes place anonymously and  impersonally by gathering  information about the way and form of using the websites.

Within the site there are two main kinds of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the User’s device until logging out, leaving website or closing the software (Internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies files or until the time of erasing them by the User.

Within the site the following kinds of cookies are used:

a) Necessary cookies which enable using the services available within the site, e.g. verification cookies which are used for the services requiring verification within the site;

b) Cookies used to provide safety, for instance cookies responsible for the detection of irregularities according to authentication within the site;

c) Efficiency cookies that enable gathering information about how you use the website;

d) Functionality cookies which allow to remember the settings chosen by the User and personalization User’s interface e.g. in terms of chosen language or region from which the User comes from, font size, website’s appearance etc.;

e) Advertising cookies which allow to deliver advertising content to the Users that is more corresponding with their interests.

Cookies may also be used and placed on your device also by the Store Owner’s advertisers and partners.

The acceptance of cookies is not mandatory to use the Online Store. The Store Owner notifies Users, legibly and clearly on the website about the purpose of storing and accessing cookies as well as about the possibility of changing the terms of storing or obtaining cookies by software settings installed on the User's device. We emphasize that the lack of acceptance of some cookies may prevent the website from proper functioning to the full extent.

You may agree to store cookies on your device and on their usage in the manner described above by the proper settings of your web browser, i.e. browser settings that enable the acceptance of cookies or the lack of change of already existing settings after receiving the information as above. This means the consent to receiving and using cookies by the Store Owner in a manner described above.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you may modify the preferences in your web browser and choose the option to automatically reject cookies. Such settings help to control other options of cookies too.

Below you will find official links to the most widely used web browsers on which there is information about the actions needed to change the settings of the specific browser in the situations described above:

MS Internet Explorer 9:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Opera 8.0

For example, for older versions of MS Internet Explorer  select "Tools" / "Internet Options" / "Privacy" / "Advanced" / "Block cookies". While using a web browser, you can also delete cookies already stored on your device. In order to do so, on a browser mentioned above, you should select "Tools" / "Internet Options" / "General" / "Delete Cookies".

The Store Owner is not responsible for the content of cookies files sent by the other websites to which links are placed on the website.


The Privacy Policy does not refer to the websites which contact data or links are presented on our website.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Within time the Store Owner offer will expand. Changes will also appear as for the technologies, standards and requirements for running the business on the Internet. It means that in the future the Store Owner may, and in time will have to, make changes in the Privacy Policy. With each change, a new version of the Privacy Policy will appear on the Online Store site along with a relevant message and it will be valid in a new version from the day of notification about the change through its placement in the Online Store. Any changes will be appropriately highlighted for the first 30 days since the change occured.