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Confidence (in four simple steps)

Confidence (in four simple steps)
Confidence is a state in which you feel good in your own skin, regardless of the circumstances. It's accepting yourself, your imperfections and supporting and appreciating who you are. In a word: it is our most important and often the most difficult task in personal development. What is self-confidence, how to build it wisely, help yourself, and be a better person for others?

First of all, you should feel good in your own skin - both physically and emotionally. In other words, we should like each other and assess positively. Here the practical, often external dimension of the concept is really important. If you feel that how you live does not go hand in hand with who you feel inside, it's time to change! Because how can you like yourself when you get up in the morning and have reservations about something? Research shows that we are most concerned with growth, complexion and clothing, which is why it's best to get on top of these points first. First, determine what you look best in. Ask a person from a close environment who is a fashion authority for you or ask a professional. Personal shopping is a service that is focused on image-related goals, because it should be consistent with personality and daily responsibilities. Such a person will define your type of figure and tell you what you can do to cover up imperfections and enhance your strengths. Shopping with a stylist will be simple, fast and very effective, because you will focus on selecting entire sets of clothes, shoes and accessories. Know, however, that once you build a real confidence, you will feel at ease in any outfit! Times have changed a lot and maybe you do not even know how many fantastic trends started to be hosted in Europeans' homes. Example? Many men invisible for the environment improve the figure and add not only centimeters, but also self-confidence. All this is due to the appropriate footwear, which retains a fully natural look and is available in both everyday and formal version.

Betelli boots are so polished to maintain the proportions of a traditional shoe - they have neither a high heel nor a high heel. Models available on the Betelli website add 7 centimeters and are designed for men who want to feel more confident at work, during public appearances, during important celebrations, as well as every day. The brand is characterized by attention to every detail, its products are made of the highest quality natural leather and materials, and the manufacturer guarantees at the same time adequate ventilation of the foot and a free step. This is a product for those who are not afraid of new products, are curious about trends and just want to feel good in their own skin. An additional plus? With a tall guy, women feel safe and may not worry about the height of their heels. At the end, a visit to the dermatologist is due, because our skin is also our showcase. Sometimes it's enough to change the habits a bit to bring it to order. Are you tired and really have no time to sleep? Set an hour to rest - invest in a massage or floating, so that your body could be reset. You have no strength and you do not have enough time for your loved ones? Meet during lunch or dinner - this way you will not miss healthy eating, friends or family.

Step two: practice understanding for yourself. The ability to forgive oneself for one's mistakes, to accept one's faults and imperfections is extremely important. Do not let yourself lose awareness that everyone has some weak points. As early as in antiquity, Socrates said that "to err is human." Many years passed until Theodore Roosevelt added something very important to this sentence: "the only man who never makes mistakes is one who never does anything. Do not be afraid, so mistakes, provided you do not make the same mistake twice. "The next time you do something wrong, say to yourself" It actually did not work out well. I have the right to feel bad, if only not too long. The most important thing is that I see what went wrong and next time I will not repeat it! "- if you draw conclusions and not just look for excuses for them, each failure will become a valuable lesson. Tidy outfit and Betelli brand elevator shoes will help you keep your confidence in future meetings and appearances, and changing your hairstyle and beauty will definitely support every woman. According to specialists, it is also worth to train self-compassion - if you do not have time to read about this technique, you can sign up for a mindfulness course.

Treating yourself as a valuable person is number 3. It's nothing more than being a friend ... just for yourself! Friendliness, trust, respect, support, understanding ... Treat yourself exactly in the same way you can treat your loved ones. Learn to perceive your own qualities and talents instead of scolding yourself. This is really a very important skill. You can write your advantages right next to your defects and hang in a visible place. What will happen if you appreciate the same amount of time to appreciate yourself and appreciate your advantages? Find the answer to this question. Do you know your strengths? Remember that talking about advantages without false modesty is a beautiful feature that is worth developing in yourself.

"He is not brave, he who does not feel fear, but he who can overcome him," says one of the wisdoms. The ability to act despite the fear and doubts that are in us is the last step. It is nothing more than the ability to go beyond your own comfort zone and effectively deal with the challenges of everyday life. For this you need the most strength and self-discipline. Bravery is like going to the gym - only regular work gives you long-lasting results. It's like the school fear of the test, which we did not feel prepared for: the drilling and burning sensation dissolved after 45 minutes! With every bold step you will gain self-confidence. Remember that you do not have to do everything yourself: some people seem to use breathing techniques, others read "Eat this frog" by Brian Tracy. Get inspired by someone who already has it behind you!

Many people wrongly identify self-confidence with the dream state of unconstrained courage, thanks to which a person can move mountains. There are those who confuse it with arrogance, lack of kindness and exaltation. We can add a few other elements to the definition of self-confidence, such as, for example, authenticity in a group of people. However, these are the features and behaviors that come on their own when the above conditions are met because self-esteem, self-esteem and self-acceptance are self-connected.

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